• Colorado governor signs bill to ban truckers from left lane on parts of I-70, expand chain law

    Colorado governor signs bill to ban truckers from left lane on parts of I-70, expand chain law

    Truckers traveling through Colorado should prepare for new left lane restrictions and more expansive chain law requirements starting in just a few months.

    On May 20, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed into law the Commercial Vehicle Highway Safety Measures bill (SB24-100), legislation imposing new rules for commercial vehicle drivers in hopes of increasing highway safety.

    The bill would forbid commercial vehicles from traveling in the far left lane of I-70 in the following areas “unless specifically required or authorized to pass by law,” starting in August 2024:

    • Between mile markers 115.5 and 131.0 (Glenwood Canyon)
    • Between mile markers 169.5 and 173.0 (Dowd Junction)
    • Between mile markers 180 and 190.5 (Vail Pass)
    • Between mile markers 205.5 and 221.0 (Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel)
    • Between mile markers 224.0 and 228.5 (Georgetown Hill)
    • Between mile markers 243.0 and 247.0 (Floyd Hill)

    The new law will also expand the areas where truckers are required to carry chains between September 1 and May 31 to:

    • I-70 west of mile marker 259 (Morrison)
    • State Highway 9 from mile marker 63 to 97 (Frisco to Fairplay)
    • U.S. Route 40 west of mile marker 256 (Empire)
    • U.S. Route 50 west of mile marker 225 (Salida)
    • U.S. Route 160 west of mile marker 304 (Walsenburg)
    • U.S. Route 285 west of mile marker 250 (Morrison)
    • U.S. Route 550 — Entire route

    Additionally, the new law will require the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to establish heightened speed limit enforcement zones in Glenwood Canyon on I-70 eastbound from milepost 116.0 to milepost 131.0 and westbound from milepost 118.5 to milepost 131. CDOT will be required to post signage informing commercial drivers of the increased fines in the area.

    The will also require a study to determine if it is feasible to add new chain up and chain down stations.

    SB24-100 was introduced by Colorado State Senator Dylan Roberts in January 2024.

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